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Day 9 - The Politics of Protest - Part Five: Explosions of the People

Tonight's blog is a continuation of the Series "The Politics of Protest".

In the blogs to follow I will introduce the "Anatomy of Protest" from the perspectives of both the protestor as well as the governmental or financial institutions, to give a multidimensional view of protest so that we can see how/why protest is NOT an effective means for permanent change - and while there have indeed been relevant changes to social, economic, and political policy - it has only achieved isolated instances of change that have been short lived, or have only yielded relief from a symptom and have not addressed the core issues.


Day 9 - The Politics of Protest - Part Five: Explosions of the People

So here we are at the moment of explosion within the series thus far. To recap on tonight's section on the "Anatomy of Protest" which is "The Explosion", here is an excerpt from the first blog -

"The Explosion – This is the sudden and often violent and uncontrollable release of energy that was suppressed for a very long time. This is the point where people as “Mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore”. This is when people DEMAND a solution right away, because they can no longer hold back their frustrations. Those in the closest vicinity to this blast – those who are most obvious to attack and attempt to destroy as an act of retribution or justice become the main targets."

During an explosion many things tend to happen all at once. Key characteristics of an explosion would be the sudden and violent release of energy that causes disruption and damage to anything in the vicinity of the explosion - where objects that are not strong enough to withstand the force of the blast will be forcefully removed from its stationary position.

Once an explosion happens, it cannot be stopped or undone - the eruption is permanent and any consequences that follow the explosion are irreversible. The energy released from the explosion will continue to forcefully exert itself until it has used up all of its energy and there is no more fuel or reactive agents that may prolong or sustain the explosion.

When a people get to a point of pressure that they can no longer contain - when they have held on to enough suppressed anger or frustration and can see no other solution to alleviate their burdens, a protest or a demonstration of discontent can and usually does escalate into a full-fledged revolt or rebellion against the closest barriers that have kept them suppressed - whether those barriers come in the form of an oppressive economic situation, or in the form of a tyrannical authoritarian leader - whatever has been keeping the pressure in place is usually the first point stands in the path of the erupting explosion.

By the time such an explosion happens, those who have had all that they can take - those who can no longer bear or suppress any longer their burdens, find a singular and unstoppable purpose - to exert their suppressed energies as quickly and as forcefully as possible.

At this point it no longer matters what the issues are, or what considerations must be looked at in order to address the pressures of the people. At this point the frustration is BEYOND reason or conversation. At this point it is TOO LATE to set new policies and hold meetings - if the suppressed energies within the people do not express themselves, if the energy is not exerted outward and eventually dissipated, the pressure could lead to an implosion - where instead of the frustrations and the angers get expressed outward, it instead turns within and can essentially destroy a people from the inside out - where they have collapsed under the pressure and can become even more unpredictable - where there is no more a defined structure or a point toward which the anger and frustration can be directed at - and so it is instead directed within and amongst the people themselves. And thus instead of an explosion, there is rather an implosion.

When people get to such a point - they are no longer in control. The explosion can no longer be contained - and the only objective within them when they have reached such a state of oppression and frustration, is to demand and insist upon a change regardless of what is in the way, and regardless of future consequences.


In looking at history, we see MANY instances of public discontent that, if left unaddressed and allowed to compound, result in violent demonstrations and revolutions - some of which leading to the violent overthrow of the government, the removal of entrenched corporate interests, the institution of new social policies, and the ending of oppressive regimes - but such instances are NEVER the direct result of public rage that becomes a revolution that changes the social structure or the governmental institution or the corporate interests - such change happens by the consent of the system itself - and no real change that actually threatens the world system is ever allowed.

We often want to believe that the people can make a difference if they rise up and demand change and force the governments to respond through sheer protest and if that doesn't work, to violently uproot the system through open revolt.

But what is NOT seen and what is deliberately kept from public awareness, is the fact that the world system is quite savvy to the behaviors of the common people. The system is a master at containing, controlling, and manipulating the masses especially when they have been emotionally charged - because in such a state they simply require to be given a general target - and a general direction toward which to channel their anger and frustration, and therefore are very easily manipulated to "safe targets" or "targets of opportunity".

MEANING - no violent protest or revolution that ended up in any sort of change happened by the sheer will of the people - because the very will of the people was already calculated and manipulated to give a certain outcome - a certain response - and to lead to a certain consequence that the world system can manage and utilize for its own benefit.

Those in positions of power and responsibility who must ensure that the world system continues to operate - take great measures to ensure that a public spectacle is made of any violent protest or any political situation that has gone "out of control" - and that such "outbreaks" are always managed and redirected in a way that not only poses no actual harm to the world system, but actually reinforces it.

Thus here is where we must understand - violent protest or open rebellion may provide a temporary change within the system and lead to some improvement of the lives of certain groups of revolutionaries - but such changes are ALWAYS won at the cost of keeping the world system itself ever more secure.

EVERY major political, economic, or social change that came from public outcry has always been to the benefit of the world system more so than it had been for those who fought and bled for such change. In exchange for a relief of grievances inflicted upon an oppressed people, the people unwittingly and unknowingly strengthen and bolster the hold of the system - to a point where the people will, in thinking they have won some freedom for themselves, will embrace the "change" and insist that the new government, the new social policies, the new corporate changes, were in fact for their betterment and that their "struggle" was over when it had only changed to a less obvious and more sophisticated form.

It is not to blame or judge or become hateful to the system or those who rule it, or those who are its puppets and agents. It is to understand that whenever a people react in separation and frustration to a point, they remain forever excluded from implementing REAL and lasting change.

Understand, that any change that is demanded or forced will always be intercepted and redirected - because as long as those who suffer do not actually walk INTO and AS the very system they protest against - as long as people remain focused on attacking singular issues and acting based only on their frustrations and emotional breakdowns, and as long as people are demanding that change be made on their behalf or they will attempt to force the system to a more fitting configuration, the world system itself will always adjust, and will be the stronger for it.

The task then of the REAL politician who wishes to in fact CHANGE this world must do so with an understanding of the world system without judgment or antagonism, but with a full and intimate understanding and SEE how the world system will use and manipulate massive public upheavals and even deliberately start wars or deliberately induce horrendous suffering and poverty in order to achieve its objectives and maintain total control.

It is the power of the people to erupt into unstoppable energy and force - but if this force is not fully understood - it is easily taken away or misdirected - which is the expertise of those in power and influence. When one understands how to manage and manipulate an explosion, no explosion, no matter how potentially devastating, will actually be able to harm you. No explosion, no matter how unpredictable, will ever go to waste.

We will in the next posts look at HOW TO MANAGE AN EXPLOSION through the DAMAGE CONTROL of the world system.

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