Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 14 - The Politics of Protest - Part Ten: You Can't Fight the System - the System is You

Tonight's blog is a continuation of the series "The Politics of Protest" 

For full context, check out the previous posts in the series for a full understanding of the concepts


Day 14 - The Politics of Protest - Part Ten: You Can't Fight the System - the System is You

The world in which we live is based on relationships between and amongst all participants, and when such relationships are not based on agreement and mutual understanding and communication, there is conflict and fear and separation, and at the end of it all this is the CORE issue that is NOT understood or shown in any way - because this very issue of the importance and relevance of the relationships between all things in this world has not been part of our education and understanding as the human beings we are today. 

It is this very separation that leads us to develop worldviews that only take into consideration what is of value to us, based on what we have learned through conditioning and social programming, using ideas and relationships that we ourselves have created without any actual understanding of the real relationships that exist in this world and how our actions effect the entirety of our reality. All of this is extensively well explained for those willing to learn. The Desteni I Process is strongly encouraged as a means to start correcting our relationship with ourselves, and with the world we are creating.

When there is a problem within a certain region of the world and the people endure conditions that diminish and erode their dignity and human beings, there will obviously be discontent and anger directed toward the world system and those in positions of power and influence who are able to do something about it - and because it is apparent that "they" do NOT address the needs of the people and seem more concerned with holding the world system itself in place, it is easy to justify anger and frustration instead of realizing the very KEY to the issue.

However, the world system is NOT designed to provide for all equally. The world system is NOT designed so that all of the needs of people are able to be addressed. The world system is NOT designed to enable changes to be made WITHOUT affecting the already stressed and volatile tensions of the billions of people on this planet, each wanting to live in dignity and worth.

But instead of devoting our time and resources to providing this very dignity and worth to ourselves and each other, we have a world system that has become a constant and impossible task of managing billions of human beings that ensures that only a shamefully small amount of the global population will have comfort and dignity at the direct expense of the majority who must compete with each other - often times to the death - while a ruling elite manage these conflicts and battles for survival to ensure it does not escalate too quickly or too violently. 

It is NOT POSSIBLE for any government or institution in the current system to address the needs of its people without having dominance and superiority over others, or without having to take resources by force and subduing and oppressing other nations and governments who are not able to compete due to resource limitations artificially imposed upon them by a world that constantly sees itself as a divided and untrustworthy place where only the most ruthless and powerful survive.

Therefore - it must be understood that as long as demands are made and threatened with force or violence without consideration of global consequence or understanding how our world is deeply interconnected and interdependent, any change that comes from such inconsiderate force will always result in instability and imbalance within the entire world system - consequences often paid by the MOST vulnerable who must exist in conditions of poverty and suffering because it has been robbed of dignity and equality and cannot defend itself against a world driven by self-preservation at the expense of the weak.

There is however a critically important element here that is NOT to be missed - which is that ALL OF THIS IS REVERSIBLE! Every policy that has been implemented in the attempt to force a state of unity or order in this world has always created a negative effect because the majority of people are not the ones actually making the decisions and are NOT taking the full scope of our interdependence into consideration. 

The world system is NOT an enemy - it is a system that can be programmed and changed. It exists the way it does today because we have NOT realized the responsibility of global consideration and therefore the world system  must for the moment exist - so that our individual demands for security and stability in a world of separation and irrational fear does not endanger the delicate interdependent relationships of our reality. 

We have, at this moment, the time and the articulation to prepare ourselves and already begin correcting our relationship with ourselves - from which we can learn to co-create and realign our relationships with each other - and dare to stop judgment and fighting against the system so that we can stand as EQUALS to the very system we have created - and PROVE that we can in fact direct ourselves and each other without harm or abuse - and that the current system of crisis and fear management and constant competition can finally be laid to rest, so that a new system -one directed by a majority of REAL Politicians, can be the foundation upon which a new world of dignity for all can emerge and flourish - where war and the various other symptoms of madness resulting from separation will be a memory of who we were, and will never be again. 

As I write, already the Journey to Life of REAL Politicians all across the globe is already well underway, and will not stop. For all of us it began with a decision and a commitment, and it is the same with all the would be REAL Politicians of this world to MAKE A DECISION in a single breath, that changes everything for every breath thereafter.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 13 - The Politics of Protest - Part Nine: The Bigger Picture

 “If you make peaceful revolution impossible you make violent revolution inevitable”

― John F. Kennedy


Tonight's blog is a continuation of the series "The Politics of Protest" 

For full context, check out the previous posts in the series for a full understanding of the concepts 


Day 13 - The Politics of Protest - Part Nine: The Bigger Picture

In the previous blogs we discussed various dimensions of protest as well as looking at how the majority who are currently being oppressed and those within the governmental/political positions of leadership must constantly balance things out in order to ensure that the world system does not crash.

Tonight we will have a look at how two opposing sides who seem to have absolutely nothing in common and are locked in to having to fight or resist each other can actually become very powerful allies if they are able to find a point of understanding and agreement and be willing to forgive each other and most importantly forgive themselves for the conflicts and misunderstandings that have been allowed.

The reasons for why self-forgiveness are critical are very well documented and explained by those who are involved with the Desteni I Process which shows in simple yet powerfully effective detail and consistency, how developing the ability to take personal responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions is a KEY element to being able to change a persistent pattern and being able to expand our awareness and responsibility as human beings in such a way that allows us to see beyond just our own immediate concerns and anxieties and hang-ups, and be able to look at the bigger picture of our actual ability to influence and create our relationships and consequently, how we create our world.

This is an ESSENTIAL understanding that must be developed by anyone who truly wants to be able to change this world system - because until we develop the ability to stand in any person's shoes without any judgment or reaction - we will never be able to really and fully understand another person's position - their history - their burdens - the accumulated challenges they have had to face in their lives - and the environment and relationships that have influenced and greatly determined what kind of person they will be or have the ability to become. 

An "enemy" is only able to remain an enemy until you fully and completely understand who they are, how they came to the current disposition that they are in, and see how if you were placed in the exact same situation and given the exact same circumstances and had to work with the exact same quality of information and understanding of a particular issue - you would be EXACTLY THE SAME as that "enemy" - and in order for a person to REALLY be able to do this unconditionally without manipulating the communication out of self interest and personal agendas, there MUST be an understanding of self-forgiveness and self-honesty - to be willing to fully consider and embrace any "enemy" and get to know them so completely that in the end there is no more separation and there is no more conflict - and there comes to be a clear and equal understanding of the issue in a way that makes it non-personal and without blame or judgment.

When done correctly, ANY conflict can be dissolved and directed without violence, without conflict, and without further waste of valuable resources and time that could otherwise be channeled to activities that produce harmony and betterment for all.
Therefore the REAL Politicians of this world must be able to stand in all positions, and consider what is actually best for ALL without having a personal attachment to a particular solution or a particular stance - because this will ensure that any solution that comes from this starting point will only take into consideration what is best for one group of people at the expense of others - and this will only perpetuate and further solidify the trap of "us versus them".

Thus one of the first steps for the REAL Politician is to in a way "make peace" with the atrocity that is here - to not in any way condone or defend it or accept it for what it is, but at the same time to not judge or resist it or fear to step into the very heart of it, in order to FULLY understand what the real conflict is and ensure that any policy or decision or solution that must be implemented, takes ALL into consideration instead of being rooted in an argument against the system without understanding the position of the system.

In the posts to follow we will look in greater detail at the points that are most often missed entirely by protest movements and revolutions which eventually cause the protest to die out without any real or lasting change, and what points are not considered when making demands of the governments or financial institutions of the world - which tends to make the world system tighten its grip even more, and how to instead approach system change effectively by working WITH the current system instead of fighting it or making demands from it.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 12 - The Politics of Protest - Part Eight: What is 99% plus 1%


 “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” - Plato

Tonight's blog is a continuation of the series "The Politics of Protest".

In the blogs to follow I will introduce the "Anatomy of Protest" from the perspectives of both the protestor as well as the governmental or financial institutions, to give a multidimensional view of protest so that we can see how/why protest is NOT an effective means for permanent change - and while there have indeed been relevant changes to social, economic, and political policy - it has only achieved isolated instances of change that have been short lived, or have only yielded relief from a symptom and have not addressed the core issues.

 Day 12 - The Politics of Protest - Part Eight: The 99 plus 1 percent

Since Day 5 of this series we have been having a look at the various dimensions of protest and we have been taking a look from the perspective of the protestor as well as the government institutions and the world system in general.

Tonight we will begin to bring it all together - to see what is going on in the bigger picture and how the conflict and struggle between the oppressed majority and the ruling elite is actually a distraction that keeps both parties locked in conflict and separation, to the benefit of the world system itself.

From the beginning of this series I have said that protest and revolution are NOT effective means to generate social, political, or economic change, and here I will clarify this statement even further.

There is a difference between protests and revolutions that happen as an expression of outrage and demanding that things be set right for the people who have been wronged, and a political movement that forces and directs a very specific change having understood the problem, the consequences, and the solution.

There have been cases in our human history where a unified people, under the leadership of those who fully stood within a principle of what is best for all - who clearly saw the consequences and the risks - who understood the nature of the system and the dangers that they faced in standing in opposition to it - and yet were able to make a political stand that could NOT be shaken, would NOT relent, and would NOT back down - and oppressor suddenly found themselves without support from the world system - and had to out of self-preservation abandon and relinquish their control.

HOW do such instances happen? What is it about those situations that are different from the thousands of riots and protests and public demonstrations and outright civil wars that end up either dissipating and collapsing from it's over exertion, or being completely shut down by the authorities and peacekeepers by overwhelming force, or manipulated and redirected by those who's profession is to cause chaos and confusion within people so that their decision making processes are hijacked without their awareness and refocused in ways that ensure no harm comes to the world system?

And is the world system or any of its institutions and governments actually evil or malicious, or are there greater consequences that must be taken into consideration when one stands in a position of leadership in this world? Is it really the world system alone that is oppressing us, or is the current system that is here a reflection of our own inability and refusal to actually care for ourselves and each other, and thus demand that a system be in place to see to such things so long as we are not bothered by the work, the consequences, and all of the abuse that must happen in order for us to continue abdicating our individual responsibility as the rightful and REAL Politicians of this world?

How can two seemingly opposed enemies ever hope to work together in unity? How can it be that the oppressed majority of people who have been made to suffer horrendously under the rule of the current system that has kept billions living below the poverty level and has maintained a constant air of tension ,conflict, war, and FEAR amongst the nations of the world, could EVER see it within themselves to FORGIVE what has been done and all that has transpired, that they would be able to work alongside with the very oppressors who acted as the agents of the world system's control?

Here the task of the REAL Politician becomes clear - we see that politics as we have known it must change to include a new starting point and a new foundational principle - which is that politics is NOT the tool of the privileged to deny privilege to others and nor is it a means through which policies and social agreements be forced upon people for their own good.

REAL Politics is the full understanding and recognition of responsibility of ALL persons - that so long as ONE person is not free and supported to have a dignified life, then NONE of us are actually free and no life here can be said to be dignified when it continues to allow suffering or indignity in any way. 

In the posts to follow I will begin to address the point of HOW political movements of the majority acting in unison CAN work and CAN produce real and lasting change, as well as HOW the world system is NOT the enemy and is not malicious by nature, but by acceptance.

So for those who are ready to see and consider "politics" in a way that has not been done before - where the majority of the people DO determine the nature of the governments and the order of the world, and the world system is one of support, of administration, and of unconditional and unflinching stability - stay tuned and walk with us in the Politician's Journey to Life which is the Journey of ALL people, and understand that this Journey involves Psychologists, Economists, Lawyers, Activists, Artists, and persons from ALL walks of life - walk with us and see how lives can be changed when we understand our true responsibility, and what can be done when we stand TOGETHER with that understanding.