Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 4 - The Politics of political "issues"


"Before you can begin to think about politics at all, you have to abandon the notion that there is a war between good men and bad men."

~Walter Lippmann

Day 4 - The Politics of an Issue

When we allow ourselves to make decisions based on what is "good" or "bad", "right" or "wrong", or what is "moral" or "immoral" - we trap ourselves into a very narrow way of seeing things that prevents us from seeing the full picture and understanding the full context. 

In modern politics, there are many issues which are brought up and presented to the masses - and these issues usually have only a few solutions that are presented by the various political parties and political leaders that are attempting to "address" the issue. 
What is presented is usually in the form of stating the problem, explaining what the cause of the problem is believed to be, and then offering a solution that will fix the problem (usually at great benefit to the person suggesting the solution). But the ACTUAL issue is missed entirely and instead degraded into a form of popularity contest between opposing "solutions" that aim to solve only ONE side of the problem while ignoring the rest.
The consequence here is that the issue is always taken out of context - and instead of seeing the full picture we are trained to react to the "problem" the way that it is presented and shown to us by those who have a vested interest in one type of solution over another - because one type of solution will bring them close to their own agenda and personal interests. 

When any issue becomes politicized instead of being a question posed to the rightful REAL politicians of this world - the consequence is that we remove the issue from it's proper context and we see the issue for only the issue itself - we disconnect all of the relationships and the contextual environments that contribute to that issue, and we also fail to see how this issue itself is interconnected to various other points. 

We must realize and understand that there isn't a single "issue" we are facing in this world that is not intimately connected with everything else - and unless we seriously take that interconnection into consideration, we will always end up having to manage more consequences and more problems, and having to spend more money and time on dealing with the same symptoms - because the ROOT causes are not considered - the actual context is not considered. 

The economic issues we are facing are NOT economic issues and the solution is not an economic adjustment alone.

The social issues we are facing are NOT social issues and the solutions are not social changes alone.

The environmental issues we are facing are NOT environmental issues and the solutions are not environmental solutions alone. 

The mental health issues we are facing are not mental health issues, and the solutions are not mental health therapies alone.

A REAL and lasting solution requires a new kind of interdisciplinary awareness and understanding - the kind that can only come from REAL human beings with REAL insight across the entire spectrum and scope of our world. We need REAL politicians to contribute their insight, their wisdom, their varied and dynamic perspectives - because no single politician or political party in the current system will have the full answer - nor can they see or speak to the full context of our issues.

The REAL politicians are the ones who are not fooled by taking "sides" on any issue - because the REAL politicians understand intimately that all issues are interrelated - and therefore any possible solution that is presented must be a solution that equally addresses the entire context of the problem, in all of its dimensions, and taking into consideration ALL of the interconnected relationships that will be affected - otherwise the "solution" will only end up being a temporary relief of one single symptom instead of being a real, lasting change that benefits all. 

The next most influential political figure is NOT an individual or even a group - it is the ascension and emergence of a long dormant political power that had to been in such a deep slumber that only the very real prospect of the world destroying itself could awaken it's potential. It is the awakening of the REAL politicians from every walk of life, each uniquely and specifically qualified to address the issues they are a part of, and can take responsibility for. 

The posts to follow in this Politician's Journey to Life will begin to introduce the issues that we are currently facing and how we can see the multiple and various dimensions of that issue instead of immediately wanting to 'fix the problem' or immediately jumping to conclusions and taking a side instead of being able to stand IN ALL SIDES, in all possibilities, considering all of the interrelated relationships, and being able to fully see and understand all angles and perspectives, understanding that unless we solve all dimensions of the problem, the problem will only reassert itself. 

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