Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 34 - On the Issue of "Money"

All human beings require access to basic elements in order to have a decent and dignified life. These elements include food, water, shelter, health care, access to utilities such as electricity and plumbing, and education.

In the current system, money is the facilitator for human beings to gain access to these elements. Without money, a person cannot have access. And if money is not available, the person must either submit to a form of debt slavery in order to be given provisions, or a person must resort to crime or violence in order to take these elements by force.

It is commonly understood that the elements required for a dignified life should be available to all, yet this currently is not the case. There is a distressing proportion of people on the planet who are considered destitute and impoverished, and these people are without the wherewithal or resource to participate in generating money with which to purchase elements vital to their standard of living.

One must consider in this equation that the common unit of currency in the modern age is a reserve note backed by public debts which are sold as bonds and ensured through private central banks which are serviced into government treasuries with interest. The currency which must be used to ensure access to a dignified life is generated out of debt burdens which must be paid, yet sufficient amounts of the currency do not exist and cannot exist to satisfy the repayment. The currencies on which people must depend upon to secure a dignified life are designed upon the principle of debt and usury. Thus many are without access to this money or the goods and services from which it must flow, and why massive starvation exists in a world of over consumption when the very method through which we acquire our goods and services is dependent on ever increasing debt burdens.

Money is no longer a unit to transact and facilitate the exchange of labor and energy. It has become the lifeblood of humanity. Denied it, we wither. Without it, we die. It is thus criminal that humanity is expected to purchase it's survival and dignity with a currency designed to ensure debt and scarcity in a world that is abundant enough to support every human.

While the prospect of a cashless society in which all needs are unconditionally taken care of and all have an equal access to goods and services and the resources and bounty of the earth is distributed equitably sounds like an ideal solution, at the moment it is only a dream far from being able to manifest in a debt-driven world in which we cannot trust ourselves or each other due to the constant need to secure our survival at the cost of others, while attempting to survive in increasingly competitive social environments where more often than not the amount of "losers" exponentially outnumber the "winners", while children are placed into education systems that reinforce the accepted doctrine of "survival of the fittest" and incentive based competition, while money and wealth becomes concentrated at the top and the majority must learn and adapt to decreasing social values in exchange for increases in consumption and consumerism which is subsidized by appallingly dehumanizing and undignified working conditions in impoverished countries and regions who have so little access to money with which to purchase their survival that they willingly forego dignity.

We cannot allow this situation to continue without serious examination of the efficacy of our debt based money system. While for the moment our debts are "covered" by those who depend on our debt driven money, it is only a matter of time until this system is no longer able to provide even the means for survival to those who are already without means for dignity. Impoverished people with no proper means through which to obtain their survival will likely resort to any means necessary before considering allowing themselves to die out from starvation. In light of the recent financial crises cropping up in all corners of the world, it is time for us to consider a new system which takes into consideration the provision and support for all people to have a decent and dignified life unconditionally instead of having to constantly live in fear and competition in order to enjoy what should be accessible to all by simple birthright.

Let us get real with the situation at hand. There currently exists more debt in the economic system than there exists forms of money or other legal tender in circulation as well as general supply. The current global economic system relies upon ever increasing growth and expansion as well as the generation of greater amounts of interest rates, taxes, and debt obligations. The resource currently required by ALL human beings in order to access a dignified life is NOT SUFFICIENT and is counter productive to supporting human living for all humans on this planet, and the purchasing power of currency grows steadily weaker and unstable each day. More and more we are finding that we work harder, have less freedom, are under more stress, and are able to access less and less for our labor.
It is time to re-evaluate EVERYTHING about the way we are living, and the cost that has been rendered. It is time for us to look ALL of humanity in the eye and ask the question "Is our way of life supportive and practical for ALL humans equally?", and if not, why then have we done nothing practical to change this issue, and does our inaction not put us into the category of the guilty who benefit from the plunder of masses?

It is time for the REAL Politicians to stand up - and to realize that those with the MOST political authority to insist upon change are those most affected by the consequences of our world system - and currently that majority stands at roughly 99% versus 1%.


  1. Es tan completo este bloc que no a merita comentario, pero voto por esta clase bloc ya que es la solución para todo lo que vivimos aquí . !ENHORABUENA!. Gracias JOE KOU..

  2. Gracias por tu apoyo, Sofía! Y gracias también por hacer tu voto valer y ser un ejemplo de ser un político real en este mundo, levantándote y apoyando soluciones que sean mejor para todos.

    Si mis palabras te han inspirado o dado motivación, te invito a adentrarte en ello y llevar esa inspiración a la acción, comenzando por ti misma al unirte con nosotros para cambiar el mundo al cambiarnos a nosotros mismos. Gracias por leer mi escrito, por compartirte y por levantarte con nosotros.

    Thank you for your support, Sofia! And thank you as well for making your vote known and being an example of being a real politician in this world – to stand up and support solutions that will be best for all.

    If my words have inspired you or given you motivation, then I invite you to go further and bring that inspiration into action – starting with yourself as you join us in changing the world by changing ourselves. Thank you for reading my post, for sharing yourself, and for standing with us.


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